In Asia, fresh rice noodles is produced daily and sold at the market in limited quantities. In North America – we have different habits due to the distance to the store and availability of storage in our homes. The typical family would do one large shop and maybe one fill up shop mid week.

Sure, we often find people waiting for our drivers to arrive with the fresh noodles at grocery stores – but that’s not a reality for everyone! And for those of you who just want to put the hardened refridgerated noodles into boiling water: please don’t. You’ll get nothing but a broken heart. (Noodles, the noodles will all break – which we know will make you sad.)

The steps are written out below but you can also watch our mini video tutorial on Instagram (don’t forget to like and follow!)

Here is how you prep and re-soften the noodles for cooking:

  1. Place the noodles in a microwaveable plate or bowl
  2. An optional step is to separate the package in half on the short side to ensure quick and even warming
  3. Cover the noodles up with a damp paper towel
  4. And pop them in the microwave and heat in 1 minute increments
  5. Check on the noodles between each increment for some bounce on the noodle, continue heating in 1 minute increments until you get the right texture (bouncy not super soft). Number of increments vary by microwave. Careful not to over cook them.
  6. Separate the noodles by hand (careful, they could be hot)

et voila! You’ve got some prepped rice noodles that are ready to drop into your favorite stirfry, soup or hotpot recipe.

Use this method to prep rice rolls too!